Our People

Leadership Team:

Principal:  Dean McDonnell

Deputy Principal:  Jade Butler

Assistant Principal:  Judith Maguire


Room 1: TBA

Room 2:  Erin Brown

Room 3:  Emma Lockett

Room 4:  Marie Whaley

Room 5:  Lisa Warrender

Room 6:  Steve Cordery

Room 7:  Kirsten Dagg

Room 8: Judith Maquire

SENCO & Booster Teacher:  Dianne Moorhead

Reading Recovery:  Margaret Orr

Administration Team:

Carol Murray and Sandy McLaren

Teacher Aides

Lynette Clayton, Marion Kahler and Josephine Lee


Anny Mitchell

Board of Trustees

Chairperson:  Craig Alexander


Terry Assen, Karen Lind, Mark O’Callaghan, Jason Tapper and Andy Walford

Staff Rep:  Marie Whaley


Chairperson:  Janelle Burnside

Secretary:  Teresa Harris

Treasurer:  Kaye Cleaver