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The Hinni Highway is Hinuera School’s guide to how and what we learn.   As a learning community, it provides the directions for “Learning and Growing” across all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC), and is based on the principles of the NZC.  Hinuera School is beside a State Highway which takes people where they want to go.  The Hinni Highway is the description of how Hinni Kids, Parents and Teachers can become lifelong learners and achieve what we want to.

Our Mission:  (Why we exist as a school)

Hinuera School exists to be a community where people are individually and collectively learning and growing.

Our Vision: (What we want all members of our learning community to be saying/living)

As a member of the Hinuera School Learning Community, I am growing in respect, resilience and responsibility, and I am committed to becoming a lifelong learner.

Our Foundation Values:

Respect, Resilience, Responsibility

Jordan Edmonds- yr 5 What We Value