We are incredibly proud of the staff we have at Hinuera School and forward to working alongside whanau to support students learning journeys.



Meet our Leadership Team…

Principal:  Bex Kilgour Email: bex.kilgour@hinuera.school.nz

Deputy Principal:  Jade Silva  Email:  jade.silva@hinuera.school.nz

Assistant Principal:  Judith Maguire  Email:  judith.maguire@hinuera.school.nz

Junior Team Leader:  Emma Lockett  Email:  emma.lockett@hinuera.school.nz

Meet our Administration Team…

Carol Murray and Sandy McLaren  Email:  office@hinuera.school.nz

Meet our Teaching Team…

Kowhai:  New Entrant.  Teacher:  Mrs Erin van Heuven & Mr Brendon Hart  Email:  erin.vanheuven@hinuera.school.nz  brendon.hart@hinuera.school.nz

Rimu: Year 1.  Teacher:  Ms Emma Lockett & Mrs Lynley Neal  Email:  emma.lockett@hinuera.school.nz  lynley.neal@hinuera.school.nz

Kauri:  Year 2.  Teacher:  Ms Emma Bunker  Email:  emma.bunker@hinuera.school.nz

Matai:  Year 3.  Teacher:  Miss Holly Kirkham  Email:  holly.kirkham@hinuera.school.nz

Pohutakawa: Year 4.  Teacher: Mr Steve Cordery  Email:  steve.cordery@hinuera.school.nz

Rata:  Year 4 & 5.  Teacher: Ms Deb Sadler  Email: deb.sadler@hinuera.school.nz

Tanekaha:  Year 5 & 6.  Teacher: Mrs Judith Maguire & Mrs Glenda Corkill  Email: judith.maguire@hinuera.school.nz

Release Teachers:  Glenda Corkill & Lynley Neal

SENCO:  Jade Silva

Kaahui Ako Within School Teacher:  Emma Bunker

Kaahui Ako Across School Teacher:  Emma Lockett

Meet our Teacher Aides…

Marion Kahler, Josephine Lee and Jessica Hughes

Meet our Cleaner/Caretaker

Anny Mitchell