The Education Act is under review…

The Education Act is under review and about to be changed. Anyone that is interested can make a submission at Submissions close next Monday, so be in quick if you want to share your thoughts.
If you would like to hear about the proposed changes there is a forum being held 6pm at Te poi School on Wednesday 9th December, 6pm in Room 9 for a forum on the proposed changes. Alison Harold from the Ministry of Education will be running the forum, open to everyone in the Matamata area.

RNZB Wizard of Oz Schools Performance

RNZB Wizard of Oz Schools Performance

The Royal NZ Ballet are holding another School Matinee Performance in 2016, this time of their production of The Wizard of Oz. We are happy to book for families who are prepared to make the commitment to attend this performance. There is a bit of an issue for us with the timing, as it is timetabled for 12.30pm on Friday 3rd June, so it is the Friday of Queen’s Birthday. As a result we will not be making any travel arrangements, as the likelihood that it could be a long and slow trip home means that we don’t feel it is fair to expect families to take responsibility for extras in their cars. So if you are interested in your child attending, you will need to commit to organising your own transport. Please also be aware that we cannot guarantee that adults taking children to Auckland will be able to view the performance. Last time they were quite particular about limiting these supervisors, as from the RNZB perspective it is supposed to be about the children attending. They are mainly targeting Auckland schools that bus the children in with a teacher, and not many other adults. We would do our best to get all adults that were travelling a seat. If you want to attend, please email and express your interest. Include names of children and adults you want to attend. Children’s tickets are $15 and adults are $20.


Today we were fortunate enough to have the team from Anchor Uno at Hinuera School thanks to Alexis and Harry’s Aunty who entered us into a competition and won!  Not only did we receive some money but we also each got to try some of their yummy product and meet Uno himself.


Important Meetings Next Week

Welcome back to the last term of the year everyone! A reminder that next Thursday 22nd October, there will be important meetings that the BOT want everyone in the school community to try and be a part of. You should have received information about these meetings with the BOT newsletter at the end of last term. There are two time options, so that hopefully everyone can find a time that suits, either 1.45pm or 7pm. The aim of these meetings is to share how we are striving for success as a school, and to seek our communities input into this. Mark the date on your calendar now!


Well done to all of the students who shared their PROSE entries on Monday.

Here are the finalists for 2015…

Year 3

1st           Megan Lind

2nd          Indie Richards

3rd           Danae Branton


Year 4

1st           Kassia Alexander

2nd          Jack Edgecombe

3rd           Roy Tiddy


Year 5

1st           Luke Collings

2nd          Summer Richards

3rd           Rebecca Stutt


Year 6

1st=         Lara Edgecombe

1st=         Ava Richards

3rd           Mya Moore

Ka pai tō mahi tamariki ma!

Tug of War

Yesterday was our school Tug of War competition!

Here are some shots from the day, you might also find more on your childs class blog…

Well done to green house who were the Tug of War winners this year!

Tug of War

Welcome to Term 3

Week one has flown by!  It has been awesome to see students working hard on their Digi Award entries this week.

It has been very frosty in the mornings, please take care around steps and playgrounds.  Keep an eye out for the whiteboards around the school with notes about this.