Enrolment Info


We love to hear from people who want to talk about enrolling at Hinuera School. We have an Enrolment Scheme (Zone), which means you will need to apply for an Out of Zone Enrolment to enrol at Hinuera if you live outside the zone boundaries. We have generally been able to say yes to all of the out of zone enquires we have had, so please do make contact and find out what Hinuera School can offer!  You can also ‘Pre-enrol’ at any time, by registering your intention to enrol at Hinuera School when your child turns five.

Find out about our enrolment zone here:  Enrolment Scheme Map and Details – Hinuera School

If you are out of zone please use this enrolment form:  Out of Zone Application

You can download a copy of an enrolment form here:  Enrolment Form


If you are interested in learning a little more about Hinuera School, download the prospectus here: School Book 2019