Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics

Wanting to know that we create explicit and meaningful learning opportunities is achievable through innovation and exploration. We believe so strongly in the importance of being connected that we offer specialised lessons for all year levels. Access for learners to connect to real world contexts is achievable through STEAM.  Every second Wednesday of the term students attend a 40 minute lesson that excites, builds on collaboration and oral language skills. Check out some of what we get up to. 

STEAM Session: Wednesday 27th March

Our Year 1-3 students began to learn about heat energy. They explored the idea that movement energy can create heat energy. We were lucky enough to have access to a thermal imaging camera so we could see how hot we got after exercise. We also learnt how some materials like aluminium conduct heat better and melt ice faster.  

Our Year 4-6 students looked at what is beneath our feet by delving into the arts and science with sculpting the earth's layers. The students are busy preparing for camp in Taupō where they will visit Mt Ruapehu, so understanding what is beneath us is key. The students loved it when they got to cut a wedge into the sphere and saw the layers inside their 'earths'.