Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics

Wanting to know that we create explicit and meaningful learning opportunities is achievable through innovation and exploration. We believe so strongly in the importance of being connected that we offer specialised lessons for all year levels. Access for learners to connect to real world contexts is achievable through STEAM.  Every second Wednesday of the term students attend a 40 minute lesson that excites, builds on collaboration and oral language skills. Check out some of what we get up to. 

STEAM Session: Wednesday 6th September

The juniors explored what the difference between a mixture and a solution. They then made a solution of milk and found out that it is homogenised to break the fat up and spread it evenly through the milk. After this, they made 'magic milk', which is where dishwashing detergent tries to 'catch' the fat molecules in the milk. By adding food colouring you can easily see the reaction taking place. 

The senior students learned about potential and kinetic energy. They tried really hard to create balloon cars that had potential energy in the balloon which converted to kinetic energy as it moved. This activity required a lot of problem solving and resilience, as we discovered different variables that could have impacted our investigation. We discussed hypotheses and what they are in relation to our activity. 

STEAM Session: Wednesday 26th July

Our junior students created a Lego marble run.  They had to consider how they could make the longest run they could. They had to communicate clearly, collaborate as a team and refine their design after trials. 

The senior students' aim was to launch their item from a catapult the furthest distance.  There was lots of discussion about which catapult would work best, leading to discussions about trajectory and which designs were best.